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How to Fix Brother Printer Errors

Brother Printer Error

Generally, Brother Printer Error follows due to low-quality cables which are unable to carry a high amount of data needed by printer or scanner. The error message is generally classified as hardware mistake, due to the quality of data cables it will also classified as software fault too. A user can follow the blog post to fix issues codes with the Brother printers how can fix error, 

Paper Jam Error

Sometimes using low-quality papers or using an inappropriate size of papers will leads to paper jam issues. First, check the sensor located right behind exit rollers maybe it is damaged or it is in an incorrect location. A user can try to replace it or get it done by a professional.
A paper jam error persists even though there is no jammed paper (false paper jam). Reset the printer, which might clear a false paper jam error, and then try to print once more. Turn the printer on, if it is not already on. Wait until the printer is idle and silent before you continue.

Square Print Issue 

Square and Devices with Known Issues.  A study which devices have compatibility issues with Square hardware and software. Software’s like Mozilla when users send print command and browser is sending an unknown language code square are printed. To fix this error first checked drivers and the software user is using to print. If no updates are found uninstall drivers and software clean temporary file and reinstall them.

Missing Print 

When I view the image within reader everything appears fine, but once I open my print preview screen some of the fonts are missing. This happens when paper size is not correct or the configuration is not appropriate.

Media Tray Empty 

pulled out tray 3 and checked if the paper sensor When papers are loaded in the tray but still user receive empty error reset the printer.

Tonner Light Still On 

After replacing cartilage if toner light is on check the fuse connected to it replace if needed.

Error code

Error code H2 - To fix this error check cables are connected properly
Error code 24 - Too much overloading work Job will show this error code, just reduce the work from printer software by closing some jobs will resolve this error.
Error code 50 - Shows tuner is not heating up and error occur due to faulty fuser assembly it may be no power supply to fuser, check both the things and replace if needed.
Error Code 16 - This error code means that the toner is low, User have to take out all cartilages shake well before inserting back to the printer will fix the error.

Call Brother Printer Support Number +18544005545 to Fix Brother Printer Errors

If after checking all the things given above Brother Printer is not responding you can call an expert. To get in touch with Brother professionals you can contact Brother printer customer support number +18544005545 and get online help to fix the printer problem. Our team of certified tech professionals working here to fix Brother Printer error codes with the right approach.


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  3. Turn on the brother printer and turn the printer off and then turn it again on. Lift up the printer cover and then press ‘secure print’ and ‘cancel’ button simultaneously. Then press ‘+’ button to see a list of toner color. Scroll through the list and choose the color you want to reset. After that, press ‘OK’ to reset the color.

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